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Looking Back [Lady Lindsay]

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Subject:figure, female, portrait  
Sitter:Lindsay, Blanche, Lady  
Sitter Note:Caroline Blanche Elizabeth, Lady Lindsay (1844-1912), née Fitzroy, artist and poetess, co-founder of the Grosvenor Gallery  



Exhibited:RGI 1877 (cat. no. 173) £26; RA 1914 (cat. no. 507?check)  
Further Exhibitions:RGI 1877, cat. no. 173, price £26; RA 1914, cat. no. 507  
Sale Provenance:Sold for £15 [1876]  
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Reviews:The Tablet, Nov 11, 1876; The Graphic; The Standard, March 27, 1877;(Jopling PC bk 1, 2388.jpg)  
Jopling 1925 Quote:"How clear before me still your figure gleams, Your eyes brimful of some delicious dreams; A model doing model – but alack! The parts are changed: ‘tis I am “looking back”! George Goschen. “Looking back” was an allusion to the title of the picture for which Lady Lindsay was posing to m"  
Other Quotations:‘Mrs. Louise Jopling, forsaking her beloved Japanese, has utilised her recent Breton tour in “Work and Play,” an old Bretonne spinning and a young Bretonne blowing bubbles, and when we consider that the canvas would do no discredit to the great painter of Breton life, we cannot give much higher praise. Amongst her other contributions are two, “Looking Forward” and “Looking Back,” the former, we think, representing a face often seen on gallery walls, and not wholly unknown to the fair artist-the latter drawing refined and suggestive. (PC bk1, The Tablet, November 11, 1876, 2388) ‘Indeed the ladies are particularly well represented in this Exhibition. Besides Mrs. Bischopp, Mrs. Louise Jopling (Miss L. Romer) sends some of the most graceful groups here-of children and nurses-and some of the best heads, one in particular of much tenderness and colour of feeling- called “Looking Back” (PC bk 1, The Graphic, 2388) ‘The honours of the present exhibition after this picture must be accorded to Mrs. Jopling, Mr. P. R. Morris, Mr Macquoid, and Mr. Nettleship, and these works in a measure redeem the whole exhibition from that depressing tone of commonplace which pervades the mass of the paintings hung round the room. Mrs Jopling’s “Looking Forward” (161) and “Looking Back” (204) are single heads of pretty women, with plenty of expression, telling its own story without the need of vulgar or conventional accessories.’ (PC bk 1, The Standard, March 27, 1877, 2388)  
Other Published Sources:Jopling 1925 list; Billcliffe, RGI cat.  
Unpublished Sources:Grattan NB PLJ 1876 list