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Bud and Bloom - Self-portrait No 1

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Subject:portrait, female, self-portrait  
Sitter:Jopling, Louise  
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Exhibited:RA 1870 (cat. no. 454)  
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Sale Provenance:Sold at Glasgow' for £35 [1871]  
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Reviews:PC1 May 8, 1870; June 4,1870;  
Jopling 1925 Quote:'I started painting a three-quarter length of myself from my reflection in the mirror in my little bedroom; and this because my model cost me nothing, and never looked bored. It was Frith who first advised me to do this. He said it was the finest practice an artist could possibly have, and in after years I used to make my pupils do similar studies. Millais, looking at an auto-portrait of mine, said: “No one can seize the character of your face as well as you do.” … [Chapter 2] 'The picture I painted of myself I called “Bud and Bloom.” It was accepted, and hung in the Royal Academy the following spring. No one was more pleased than my dear friend, Shirley Brooks. He wrote me a characteristic letter in red ink as follows: R.S. Sincerest congratulations. S. B. 6 Ap. ’70 A Red Letter Day To get so soon a picture into the Royal academy was a great spur to my ambition. It was with much inward excitement that I mounted the stairs leading to the Picture Galleries on Varnishing Day. I felt quite lost until I came across Mr. Elmore, R.A., whom I had met elsewhere. ' I suppose it was due to reiterated practice. I used to be often chaffed about my “portrait expression,” which, of course, I wanted to be pleasant. I never could interpret a mood unless I simulated it.'  
Other Quotations:'First picture exhibited in Royal Academy. Hung in (I think) No 8 room a little above the line. Exhibited afterwards in Glasgow & sold for £30. A three quarter life size figure of a young girl carrying a [pair?] of azaleas in her hands. […] Taken from myself. Commenced in a small bedroom at 20 Greville Place & finished at Talbot Road.' (Grattan NB ADAP pp.8-9) 'But while on the subject of unkown but extremely promising artists do not let us forget to draw attention to a capital picture by Mr. L. Romer. It is called Bud and Bloom (No. 454). A wild Irish girl, with pure, sweet face, and hair rippling down her back, is carrying a bouquet of azaleas. The tone of the picture is excellent, and the contrast of the bright blossom and the general grey tint of the background highly effective. We shall look forward to seeing more of Mr. Romer's work. (PC1-May 8th 1870) 'We note in the Seventh Gallery (454) Mrs. E. Romer's "Bud and Bloom," which is eminently good' (PC1-undated newsprint) 'of equal merit is Mrs[?] L. Romer's Bud and Bloom (454) which is very cleverly painted, and expresses capitally a pretty idea' (PC1-Athenaeum June 4, 1870, handwritten)  
Other Published Sources:Jopling 1925 list; Jopling 1925, p.16, repr.  
Unpublished Sources:Grattan NB ADAP