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In Memoriam

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Exhibited:RA 1871 (cat. no. 390); Liverpool Autumn Exhibition 1874 (cat. no. 491)  
Further Exhibitions:RA 1871, Liverpool 1874  
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Note:Desc: 'some flowers scattered on a path bore tender reference to the death of one of the artist's children in that year' (W.Meynell, 'The Modern School of Art', vol 1, p. 191)  



Reviews:Jopling PC bk 1 unnamed, May 14, 1871, Barmouth, 1871  
Jopling 1925 Quote:'a still life. A velvet pall, crucifix, and some yellow and white chrysanthemums composed the picture. It was painted in memory of my dear little Geoffrey, and I called it “In Memoriam.”  
Other Quotations:'THE ROYAL ACADEMY. To the Editor of the Observer. Sir: Will you kindly permit me to point out an error which has occurred in your review of this year's Academy. In noticing my picture, entitled "In Memoriam," I see you designate me as Mr L. Romer, whereas I am Mrs Louise Romer. The misrepresentation of a name often materially affects one, so you will perhaps forgive me for asking you to be good enough to repair the mistake in your next week's Observer. Apologising for troubling you on so trivial a matter, I am, Sr, Yours faithfully, Louise Romer 8, Colchester-terrace West Brompton' (PC bk1, Observer, May 14, 1871) 'A very sweet face (266) looking out a cloud of white lace, "La Mantille Blanche," and "In Memoriam" (390), a study of funeral flowers on a coffin, by Mrs L. Romer' (PC bk1, May 14, 1871-unnamed cutting) 'In still life, &c., we have the flowers of the Miss Mutries, and a well painted group of lilies, &c., on black velvet pall "In Memoriam" (390), by Mr L. Romer' (PC bk 1-unnamed cutting) 'A study of mortuary flowers, styled In Memoriam (390), and the work of Mrs L. Romer, shows the blooms standing on a pall: the execution is firm, if not elaborate; the picture is effective in appearance as well as in sentiment' (PC bk 1-unnamed cutting) 'THE BARMOUTH AMATEUR CONCERT - In our notice of this concert last week, the name of Mrs Louise Romer was unintentionally ommitted. We hasten to correct the oversight of our reporter, and have much pleasure in recording the success of Mrs Romer's singing in Claribel's song, "The Bells," which was unanimously encored. Mrs Louise Romer is one of the most distinguished members of the Art-world who have visited North Wales this summer. She will be known to our readers as the painter of three pictures in this seaosn's Academy. One of these " In Memoriam," was placed in a prominent position "on the line," and excited the admiration of all who visited the exhibition. Mrs Romer is generally spoken of by our contemporaries as an artist of undoubted genius and great rpomise. (PC bk 1-unnamed cutting, 1871)  
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