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La Japonaise

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Subject:figure, Japanese  
Sitter:Jopling, Louise  
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Exhibited:RA 1874 (cat. no. 147); Inst Oil Painters 1885  
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Sale Provenance:Sold to L. [Tuoghy?] esq for £42 [1874]  
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Note:LJ possibly at work at this in 1889  



Reviews:Daily Telegraph, May 2nd 1874, Times (PC bk 1 2372)  
Jopling 1925 Quote:'Another picture was from myself in Japanese attire.'  
Other Quotations:PC 1 (2372) 'The ladies carry all before them, indeed, and with a high hand, in this gallery: for no sooner have we bestowed a glance of high appreciation on (147) Mrs. Jopling Romer's "La Japonaise" - a charming head; but our private opinion is that the pretty lady depicted by Mrs. Jopling Romer is more at home in Gloucester-grove than in Japan' PC1 (2372) "La Japonaise" (147), a pretty pale Japanese belle by Mrs. Jopling, better known as Mrs. Louise Romer' Times (hand written) PC1 (2372) 'Mrs. Jopling Romer who was once Mrs. Romer, exhibits a portrait and a couple of genre pictures, all full of power, but the gracefulness of which is marred by their being painted in the Japanese style' 'W. T. Roden has imparted to the elongated visage of that intellectual giant of the Church the Very rev. John Henry Newman, D.D., that smiling lugubriousness of expression by which he is so readily recognised. We do not know whether it is one of those quiet jokes in which hanging committees sometimes indulge, or whether it is a mere matter of accident, but this ecclesiastical dignitary has on each side of him a comely woman, the one Miss Louisa Evelyn Denison, cleverly portrayed in a low key by Miss. L. Starr, and the other, in more pronounced tones, a piquant lady, whom the author, Mrs. Jopling, calls "La Japonaise" (147). It would, perhaps, be considering too curiously to speculate as to the victor in any intellectual passage of arms between to such personages as this La Japonaise and this great Church dignitary; but each face has in it such a world of suggestion, that one with difficulty restrains himself from plunging into a treatise on the subject' (PC1, Pictorial World??, 1874) PC1 unidentified press-cutting annotated '85' [1885?] 'La Japonaise (693) ... a striking figure in her golden-red Japanese gown, made Western-looking by its frills of creamy lace, as she stands, fan in hand,a pale-coloured screenby way of background, and at her side one of those light green china tubs, sacred to the land of the Mikado.'  
Other Published Sources:Jopling 1925 list; unidentified press-cuttings (Jopling PC1)  
Unpublished Sources:Grattan NB PLJ; Grattan ts picture list