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Exhibited:RA 1876 (cat. no. 149)  
Further Exhibitions:RA 1876, cat. no. 149  
Sale Provenance:Sold to Mr Massdere[?] for £52.10s [1876]  
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Note:From RA, Fourth Notice, Times, 31 M"ay 1876, p. 5: one of 'two graceful and expressive heads' (see also #98)  



Reviews:The Echo, March 1876, Jopling PC bk 1, 2385.jpg  
Jopling 1925 Quote:letter to JM.Jopling, 17 April 1876: 'Do you know that I was so discouraged at the bad places I had in the Academy that I wrote off to the Secretary, and priced my pictures at 60 gs. each. Are you angry? M. picked up “Alsace,” saying he was flabbergasted at the price – that he thought it would have been £150, and that it was well worth £200. I am afraid you will be cross, but please don’t – as, although he talks like that, why didn’t he buy it in the Studio? '  
Other Quotations:[LJ Unpubl t.s..diary 1876] 3 Mar: 'Marie Casella sat to me for my picture of "Alsace."' 7 Mar: 'Marie Casella sat.' 15 Mar: 'Afterwards Marie Casella [sat].'QUERY DATE ‘Although Mrs. L. Jopling (late Mrs. Romer) has nothing this year to remind us of the racy yet graceful drollery displayed in her well-remembered “Five o’Clock Tea,” she has not failed to win golden opinions for (1250) an admirable portrait of Miss Constance de Rothschild, and for her two examples of “fancy” portraiture (149) “Alsace” and (896) “Lorraine.” Both, in point of expression, are full of the most genuine pathos, and they possess, besides qualities of a very high order as regards firmness in modelling, vigour in execution, and brilliance in colouring. It is to be hoped that Mrs. Jopling will next year give us something of a more ambitious nature. Few contemporary ladies surpass her in power, and none in grace’ (PC bk 1, The Echo, March, 1876, 2385) ‘Jopling’s very honest and solidly-painted portrait of Miss Constance de Rothschild (1,250), with the two graceful and expressive heads she has chosen to christen and costume as “Alsace” (149) and “Lorraine” (896)’ (PC bk 1, The Echo, March 1876, 2385) ‘Mrs. L. Jopling should have been praised among the female artists, for her “Lorraine” (896) is a very touching and pretty French country-girl, and so is her “Alsace” (149), a French nothing, by-the-bye. Her portrait, too, of Miss Constance de Rothschild (1,250) is unaffected and good’ (PC bk 1, The Echo June 3, 1867 [must mean 1876], 2385)  
Other Published Sources:Jopling 1925 list, chapter 11; RA Fourth Notice, Times, 31 May 1876, p. 5  
Unpublished Sources: